“Endorsed By The Current Sheriffs Of ALL 8 Purchase Area Counties”


I’m Ryan Norman, candidate for McCracken County Sheriff.

I have worked in law enforcement in Paducah since 2006. I worked for the Paducah Police Department from 2006 – 2009. I’ve been employed by the McCracken County Sheriff’s Department since 2009.

Prior to my career in law enforcement, I served ten years in the Army National Guard and served combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

During my time in law enforcement, I have worked as a road deputy, a detective for the Drug Division, and served as Sergeant and Captain in the general investigations department. I currently serve as Chief Deputy – the #2 position in the Sheriff’s office. As Chief Deputy, I oversee the daily operations of the Sheriff’s office and act on behalf of Sheriff Matt Carter when he is unavailable.

I look forward to the opportunity to put my experience to work for the citizens of McCracken County and appreciate your support.


•   Continue vigorous law enforcement focusing on methamphetamine and fentanyl;
•   Designate a deputy to become an expert in crimes against children, human trafficking, and internet crimes;
•   Partner with local and national entities to improve the investigation of animal abuse cases;
•   Increase training to improve deputy response to incidents involving citizens who are in mental health crisis
•   Ensure deputies have access to mental health resources to help them process traumatic events they face while on duty.



A firm foundation has already been laid at the McCracken County Sheriff’s Office by Sheriffs Carter and Hayden. Together with the great men and women of the Sheriff’s Office and the amazing support we receive from the public, as Sheriff I will help lead the Sheriff’s Office to the next levels of professionalism and excellent public service.

I pledge to continue vigorous drug enforcement, focusing on methamphetamine and fentanyl. These two drugs are literally killing our children, our future, and destroying families. We will not relent in our fight against those that poison our streets, while at the same time having compassion and promoting alternatives to incarceration for low level offenders possessing illegal drugs.

I plan to designate a deputy to become an expert in crimes against children, human trafficking, and internet crimes. Social media and the internet has opened our children up to a whole new world of predators. As law enforcement, and as parents, we must evolve and learn how to proactively protect our most precious commodity, our children.

I plan to reach out to and partner with local and National entities alike to train and designate a deputy to better learn how to investigate animal abuse. While we do not have an overwhelming number of animal abuse cases, they’re out there and we will do better to protect animals and to efficiently investigate these crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Mental health is a broad topic and a topic that has touched almost everyone in our community in some form or fashion. I plan to strengthen our partnerships with area agencies to help teach our deputies how to better help those who they interact with who are in mental crisis. We have to help people find the places that can best assist them, in their most crucial and sensitive times. I also pledge to help our deputies more easily seek and find the right person for them to speak to when they need an outlet. Our deputies see traumatizing incidents and scenes that many people thankfully never experience. If we help them better process these experiences, they will also provide even better services to the community.

The foundation has been laid at the McCracken County Sheriff’s Office. I pledge to build upon that foundation and provide a level of service that the citizens have never seen before, but they deserve. Every day we will continue to strive for excellence.

"I know that Ryan has the knowledge, ability and fortitude to continue to move the agency forward in these troubling times.."




Paid for by Ryan Norman for Sheriff, Tom Clayton, Treasurer